Islamic Education:

Comprehensive teachings on various aspects of Islam.

Fiqh Knowledge:

Understanding Islamic jurisprudence.

Hadees Studies:

Delving into the knowledge of Hadith.

Quran Tajweed and Hifz:

Mastering the recitation & memorization of the Quran.

Daily Salawat:

Five daily congregational prayers.

Fajr and Isha Khatira:

Reflection sessions after the dawn and night prayers.

Daily Quran Halaqa:

Quran study circles held regularly.

Women’s Lecture:

Weekly sessions tailored for women.

Youth Lecture Program:

Separate programs for boys and girls conducted on a weekly basis.

Islamic Movies for Kids:

Weekly screenings every Friday.

Sunday Lecture & Community Breakfast:

An hour-long program followed by a community breakfast.

Weekend School:

Classes for boys and girls covering Islamic studies, Quran, and manners.

Ramadan Programs:

Daily iftar, taraweeh prayers, and Suhoor during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Family Night:

Monthly gatherings featuring guest speakers.

Fundraising Events:

Occasional events organized for fundraising purposes.