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Fajr Prayer
04:58 AM
05:30 AM
Dhuhr Prayer
01:29 PM
02:00 PM
Asr Prayer
05:11 PM
05:30 PM
Maghrib Prayer
08:37 PM
08:47 PM
Isha Prayer
09:59 PM
10:10 PM
Jumu’ah Prayer
01:30 PM
01:30 PM

06:20 AM
08:37 PM

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Masjid Services

Our Islamic Center provides following services:

Nikkah Service

Sheikh Mohamed Elhewizy conducts Nikah at the mosque & DFW metroplex area.

Summer School

Month-long summer school sessions held Monday to Thursday for 4 hours daily.

Quran Class

Our Quran Program at Mansfield Masjid, led by Dr. Morsy Salem and a dedicated team.

Community Service

Distribution of Sadaqa and Zakat and hosting a yearly health fair.

Counselling Service

Counseling services available from Maghreb to Isha timings, Monday through Friday.

Funeral Service

Salatul Janaza, local graveyards, supervision of burial procedures, and Azaa service.

Al Madinah School

For inquiries or further information, please reach out to Br Bassel Assaf.

New Muslim Guidance

This program aims to offer mentorship, education, and social support to help new Muslims.


Welcome to the website of the Dar El-Eman Islamic Center (DEIC)! DEIC is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Arlington. Our mission is to serve the religious needs of the Muslim community of Arlington.

Upcoming Events


    June - 2024

    TONIGHT: Youth Halaqah

    Join us every Saturday after Maghrib prayer for the Youth Halaqa at Dar El-Eman Islamic Center. This event is an excellent opportunity for young brothers to connect with Allah and engage in meaningful discussions with our speakers, Revyan Ghanim and Saleh Bani Mustafa. The session aims to foster a deeper understanding of faith and community among the youth. Location: 5511 Mansfield Rd, Arlington, Texas 76017 Note: Brothers only.

    Dar El-Eman Islamic Center


    June - 2024

    Sisters Youth Halaqa

    Dar El-Eman Islamic Center invites all sisters aged 16 and up to join the Sisters Youth Halaqa every Friday after Maghrib prayer. Led by Imam Mohamed Elhewizy, this gathering offers a chance for sisters to deepen their connection with Allah and share in a supportive community environment. Location: 5511 Mansfield Rd, Arlington, Texas 76017 Note: Sisters only, aged 16 and up.

    Dar El-Eman Islamic Center

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